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Professional audiobook production from a single source. A fixed price, all-in-one solution.


Make more of your titles!

The audio market is booming and the consumption of spoken word content is increasing all the time. Please read our report on the subject Listen and Read (2020). To ensure that you make the most of your titles, our recommendation to you is to invest in a multi-format strategy – and specifically in the production of audiobooks – a good investment with great returns!

We all know that high-quality audiobook productions are costly and complex. Our all-in-one solution WAY ensures efficient and cost-saving implementation. Now you can also offer your content as a digital audiobook – while retaining all your rights.

WAY gets you quickly from your manuscript to a ready-to-distribute, professionally produced audiobook. We will guide you through the entire process, from production and distribution all the way to the marketing and performance analysis of your digital audiobooks.

Here's how it works

  1. Send us your script formatted as continuous text and we will create a free, non-binding quote for your audiobook production.
  2. The WAY team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right narrator for your audio book and will come to you with three suggestions.
  3. Once you accept and confirm our quote, we will handle the entire production process alongside our professional and experienced studio partners.
  1. You can look forward to a premium-quality audiobook that will be ready for delivery to all relevant shops via Bookwire OS.
  2. Our marketing team will help you with the marketing of your title on all important platforms and will offer advice about discount campaigns, social media marketing and many other marketing options.
  3. With Bookwire OS, you will always have a clear view of how your titles perform – and you can learn about your audience using our detailed Audience Analytics.

Benefit from our experience

Novels, non-fiction or children’s books – countless audiobooks in various languages have been produced with WAY to date, including complex productions with multiple speakers and audio drama recordings.

Producing with WAY is a customised, title-specific process. Depending on the scope of the script, production budget and speaker selection, production times and costs will vary.

Our experts are here to assist you. Just drop us a line at: way@bookwire.de

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