The perfect multi-format strategy

Bookwire OS allows you to keep an eye on the development of all formats and you additionally benefit from important synergy effects within these processes.


Adapt your strategy to the behaviour of your users

Modern consumerism stands for fast-paced living, flexibility and continuous evolution. Two predominant trends are emerging:

  1. Users don’t stick to any one online format. eBook, audiobook, podcast or video – everything is consumed voraciously, sometimes even at the same time or with one complementing the other. After all: it isn’t just the way in which content is provided – its relevance for the user is key.

  2. Plus, nobody wants to jump through hoops to get to the content! It is not just about having the content anymore – much more important is the flexibility of access to all kinds of content on all types of devices: at home, on the go and at any time, anywhere.

Publishers should therefore try and provide content in as many formats and channels as possible to make the most of their content and satisfy the demands of modern users. We will give you the support you need to make your content available as widely as possible, and with the perfect multi-format and multi-channel strategy.

“Bookwire has been an invaluable partner for dpunkt.verlag in the areas eBooks, audiobooks and PoD for around 10 years now. The ability to combine our various products on a single platform has made our lives a whole lot easier – and I mean for production, as well as distribution.”

Viktoria Baier, Digital Media, dpunkt.verlag GmbH

All formats and processes at a glance

The Bookwire OS operating system is the platform on which all digital processes in the areas of production, distribution, marketing and analytics for all content formats can be controlled and analysed centrally.


eBook: From novels to illustrated non-fiction books – we convert your eBooks cost-effectively and in full compliance with the latest industry standards and quality criteria.

Audiobook: Our audio book production service “WAY - We Audiobook You” makes it easy to get started in the audio business with fast production times and a high standard of quality.

Print-on-Demand: Our practical print-on-demand service allows you to create print files and list print titles in bookstores and online shops in no time at all.


More than 300 distribution partners and shops all over the world are currently connected to Bookwire OS – the distribution network includes everything from large global players to regional providers.

The metadata of your products is automatically optimised for the requirements of each platform, ensuring the highest visibility in the relevant shop.

Audiobook streaming providers benefit from our BASS track optimisation for a precise fit in the respective revenue models.


In marketing, technical solutions and services go hand in hand. Thanks to the comprehensive analytics tools, Bookwire OS enables direct planning and control of pricing campaigns or dynamic in-book promotions.


The success of all products and promotions can be visualised in graphs at any time via extensive analytics features. Same-day trend data, event monitoring, Amazon Sales Rank placements, Amazon Category assignments and other statistics can be accessed via detailed dashboards – for the entire catalogue, for series or for individual titles.

Our experts are happy to answer any questions regarding the perfect multi-format strategy for you.

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