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We are working with Apple to make audiobook production effortless with digital narration.
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Bookwire partners with Apple Books to simplify the production of audiobooks. Apple Books digital narration combines advanced speech synthesis technology with the valuable input of linguists, quality control specialists, and audio engineers, resulting in exceptional audiobook quality. Publishers have the opportunity to effortlessly create digitally narrated audiobooks from any ebook they currently offer on Apple Books, using Bookwire OS.

This production service is currently available for free. Once processed, each audiobook undergoes a thorough quality check and, upon approval, is ready for publication on the Apple Books store. Get ready to share your stories with the world!


Apple Books digital voices are carefully crafted and tailored to specific genres providing listeners with an immersive experience. Apple Books is actively seeking submissions for romance, fiction, mysteries & thrillers, and science fiction & fantasy genres. Discover captivating audio samples for these genres below and embark on a journey of literary pleasure.


Fiction & Romance

Madison, a digital voice

Jackson, a digital voice

Mystery & Thriller and Science Fiction & Fantasy

Madison, a digital voice

Warren, a digital voice

Discover how digital narration works

  1. Choose Your Title: Transform your ebook titles into captivating audiobooks using Apple Books digital narration! To qualify your ebook title should be available on Apple Books, you should own the audio rights, the book should be in English, and the primary category should be fiction, romance, mystery & thriller, or science fiction & fantasy. Let's bring your stories to life and captivate a larger audience!
  2. Choose Your Voice: Explore the samples and select the type of voice that resonates with you for narrating your audiobook. It's a soprano or a baritone, both bring their unique charm and essence to the storytelling experience.
  3. Customize Your Cover Art: You have the option to upload a custom cover for your title, or Apple Books digital narration can effortlessly convert your ebook cover into an audiobook cover. The choice is yours, and either way, your cover will shine!


  1. Create an engaging description: Let the power of your words inspire and uplift listeners, while providing valuable insights and knowledge. Craft a journey that resonates with everyone, making your audiobook an immersive and enlightening experience for all.
  2. Choose a Release Date: Digitally narrated audiobooks typically take one to two months to process. Your audiobook will go live as soon as it's completed, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience.
  3. Quality/Expectations: Apple Books aims to create audiobooks in the highest quality, ensuring an exceptional experience for all. As a result all books eligible for production must meet specific quality standards and not all books are guaranteed to pass synthesis.