Shaping the Future of Digital Books - Bookwire's All About Multi-Format Publishing Summit

Frankfurt am Main, August 23, 2023 – Bookwire is proud to announce the upcoming digital summit, "All About Multi-Format Publishing," a groundbreaking virtual conference that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and publishing enthusiasts to explore the intersection of technology and storytelling. Embrace the future as we dive into the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital storytelling, exploring the latest trends, insights, and strategies that are reshaping the industry.
Join us on Tuesday, September 13th, at 3 PM (CT), for an immersive experience as renowned experts and thought leaders converge to share their knowledge and experiences. Discover the correlations between data trends and sales, explore innovative retail models, and unlock the secrets to synchronizing workflows to overcome publishing challenges.
The summit will kick off with an enlightening session by our CEO, Jens Klingelhöfer, as he takes the stage to provide invaluable insights into the current state of audiobook and ebook publishing. Jens will shed light on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry, with a particular focus on the dynamic US market.
Trends in Multi-Format Publishing in the US
Kristen McLean, from Circana, will lead a session that uncovers the latest format shifts and consumer behaviors in the US market. With an industry history spanning over 600 years, McLean's session will illuminate how the market reacts to new technologies, behaviors, and global events. Attendees will gain insights into shifts in share among formats, the impact of younger consumers, and the content areas driving the market's growth. McLean's expertise will provide attendees with valuable perspectives on what lies ahead for multi-format publishing.
Synchronizing Workflows: Overcoming Publishing Challenges
Brian O Leary, from BISG, will share insights from a study that delves into workflow improvement and best practices. Leary's session will highlight the intricate interplay between process, technology, and organizational structure in publishing workflows. Attendees will discover how changes in one aspect affect the others and gain practical insights to overcome common publishing challenges.
AI and Multi-Format-Publishing: A Journey into the Future of Publishing
Thad McIlroy, a prominent figure in the publishing realm and author of "The Future of Publishing". McIlroy's session will delve deep into the transformative role of AI algorithms in reshaping content creation, curation, and distribution strategies. Attendees will discover innovative techniques that are propelling the industry forward, from personalized reader experiences to optimized marketing campaigns. McIlroy's engaging session promises to be a captivating exploration of the convergence of technology and storytelling, providing publishers with a roadmap to navigate the AI landscape and thrive in the digital age.
Unlocking Publishing Success: Aligning Data, Strategy, and Workflows with Bookwire
The summit will culminate in a dynamic panel discussion featuring all speakers, along with Greg Voynow, Head of Domestic Content Partnerships at reading subscription service Scribd. Moderated by Brittyne Lewis, Country Manager Bookwire US, the panel will explore the transformative potential of collaboration in the publishing industry. Attendees will gain insights into how data, strategy, and workflows intersect to unlock success in today's rapidly evolving landscape.
The Bookwire Digital Summit's "All About Multi-Format-Publishing" is a unique opportunity for publishers, authors, marketers, and anyone interested in the future of publishing to learn from industry visionaries and thought leaders. Attendees will walk away with actionable insights, innovative ideas, and a renewed perspective on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of multi-format publishing.
The event will be conducted in English and participation is free of charge. For more information and to register, please visit



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