Creatokia publishes "Colección Invisible" by Eloy Moreno as NFT in cooperation with Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial imprint Nube De Tinta

Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2023 – Imprint Nube De Tinta, part of the Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial  is relying on Creatokia's expertise for the release of a limited digital collector's edition of Eloy Moreno's Book Invisible: The "Colección Invisible" as NFT.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Invisible, one of Eloy Moreno's most popular books published by Imprint Nube de Tinta, PRHGE is launching a digital art collection, Colección Invisible.
The collection consists of a limited edition of 115 digital artworks, each of which is unique and exclusive. The collection will be published in two drops.

The first drop comprises a total of 100 unique illustrations from Ed Carosia together with quotes from the book, compiled by Ignasi Font. These 100 individual collectibles can be purchased as so-called Digital Originals and later stored on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFT) (this process is known as “minting”.) Thus, buyers and purchasers not only receive one of 100 unique digital items, but also an immutable proof of their ownership.

The second drop offers 15 limited editions of the book cover with a personal value. They will be hand-written by the author, dedicated to the respective buyers with a personalized note and then made available to them as a digital, single copy for download as a digital unlockable after their purchase.

The NFT is also the digital ticket to an exclusive online meeting after the drop with author Eloy Moreno. And a making of video, showing the design history of the illustrations, completes both drops as exclusive content.

Nube De Tinta, part of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial is already the second Spanish publisher to rely on Creatokia's publishing platform and blockchain publishing expertise for their NFT release.

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