Bookwire takes stock of global success in 2016

Frankfurt a. M., 19 December 2016 - Frankfurt digital services provider Bookwire looks back on a year that was successful in every respect. The company has recorded significant growth, both nationally and internationally, in all areas, for example, eBooks and audiobooks marketed and supplied, the number of publishing clients looked after, expansions of the Bookwire MACS distribution software, establishment of Print-on-Demand products and growth in staff numbers.


Distribution & Marketing - DACH Region

In 2016, the number of eBooks and audiobooks distributed in the home market of the Frankfurt-based company, which has been trading since 2009, increased by more than 40% to a total of 84,000 eBooks (+ 34,000 or 40% compared with 2015) and 37,000 audiobooks (+ 11,200 or 43%).

The customer base expanded to include famous names such as Random House, Red Bull Media House, Münchner Verlagsgruppe, Delius Klasing, Gerth Medien and many more. Bookwire also took over the eBook catalogue and customer base of Hamburg eBook aggregator Kontor New Media.


Distribution & Marketing - International

Bookwire’s own dependencies became established in various growth markets, which benefitted expansion of international business segments in 2016 too. This enabled Bookwire to further consolidate its position as leading digital distributor in Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

This year, Brazil’s largest literary publisher, Companhia das Letras, became one of Bookwire’s now 177 publishing customers with around 12,000 eBooks. Just as in Mexico (Bookwire Spain & Latin America Team), it was possible to win the publishing market leader in the form of Fondo des Culturas Económica. Bookwire has a total of 14,000 eBooks and 169 customers in its Latin American portfolio (as of December 2016).

The total number of eBooks distributed and marketed by Bookwire by December 2016 is currently 172,600, which corresponds to an increase of 50,800 publications or 42% in comparison with the previous year.


Bookwire Services

By introducing and establishing the new Print-on-Demand (PoD) business segment, Bookwire finally installed the multi-format strategy for optimum placement of catalogue titles to achieve the best possible sales for its publishing customers.

New services “dynamic in-book promotion” and “enhanced analytics” were added to the Bookwire MACS platform technology. Both are in-house developments that were developed in close cooperation with the client network, taking into consideration publishers’ needs. They further consolidate Bookwire’s position as the leading technological enterprise for distributing and marketing digital products.


Bookwire Company

Staff numbers increased further at all Bookwire sites (to currently 37 employees), including as a result of establishment of the Inhouse Production Service Department, in order to satisfy additional demand for automated production processes due to growth in PoD and conversion business. The international sales segment was also expanded further.

About Bookwire & “Bookwire OS – One Solution”

Bookwire GmbH was founded in Frankfurt in 2010 as a service provider for publisher distribution of eBooks and digital content. It has since become one of the leading international businesses in digital publishing technology. Bookwire currently employs 135 people in Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, who take care of more than 2,300 publishers in the fields of eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts and Print-on-Demand. The pioneering software “Bookwire OS – One Solution”, launched in 2019, has delivered, analysed and marketed around 600,000 eBooks and 150,000 audiobooks in all relevant distribution channels. In addition to the latest customer analytics and pricing technology, publishing clients of Bookwire GmbH also have access to individual support from account & marketing managers who look after the clients from end to end. In 2019, the audiobook production solution “We Audiobook You” (WAY) bagged the business the first “Digital Publishing Award” in the field of B2B solutions. Bookwire GmbH is managed by its founders Jens Klingelhöfer and John Ruhrmann, and has branches in Barcelona, London, Mexico City, São Paulo, New York and Paris, in addition to the company headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and the "Digital Hub" in Dortmund.