We are pleased to present the Bookwire Report 2023, a very special edition that celebrates our consolidation as leaders in the Spanish digital sector.

For the first time, the Bookwire Report represents almost the entire market, as it includes data from the universe of independent publishers as well as from the two major Spanish-language publishing groups, which have chosen Bookwire as their exclusive digital distributor: Grupo Planeta and Penguin Random House.

We also wanted to acknowledge our leadership by inaugurating a new era for our report, featuring a much more dynamic design, aligned with current trends and the needs of the publishers who work with us. We've also made a downloadable version available, which we hope you will find useful.

Welcome to the Bookwire Report 2023!


Bookwire has distributed more than 1.400 publishing imprints in Spain and Latin America, totalling 174,000 titles: 160.000 ebooks and 14.000 audiobooks.

We estimate that by 2024, the total market for Spanish language ebooks will amount to 210.000 titles and that of audiobooks to 22.000.*

* These figures do not include Amazon self-publishing (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing), as the data is not available for analysis.

Evolution of the number of titles distributed by Bookwire Spain and Latin America


Spanish-language readers had 19.63% more titles available to them in 2023 than in 2022.

Las editoriales de U.S. publishers that publish in Spanish are those that have increased their digital catalogues the most: 44,08%

The digital catalogues of publishers in Latin America have grown by 12,22%.

Mexican publishers have published 11,61% more ebooks.

Spanish publishers published 10,61% more ebooks than in the previous year.

The 2023 digital market at a glance: 8 key insights to understanding it

1. Main drivers of ebook market growth

Investment in Spanish libraries: the State allocated three million euros to the acquisition of content for the eBiblio platform in 2023.

This investment has enabled it to provide a diverse and competitive range of services, which has led to a steady growth in the number of users.

The increase in unit sales of ebooks, as well as a slight increase in the average price.

2. Main markets of ebook growth

Mexico and Latin America led this growth, with increases of 12% and 9% respectively.

The growth of the United States’ market is driven by the increasing demand for this type of content on library platforms.

3. Convenience of subscriptions

Publishers with the highest turnover and growth potential in this category are those specialising in romance literature and technical books.

Consumption of literary fiction rose on these platforms in 2023.

4. Average ebook price rises

In 2023, the average price of an ebook stood at €7.66,43 cents above the average price in 2022.

Latin American publishers have raised their prices the most over the past year.

5. Fiction, leader in ebook turnover

Fiction ebooks are the best-sellers in all markets, especially in Spain, where they account for three-quarters of total turnover.

We forecast that in 2024, fiction will continue to gain market share in all regions.

6. Audiobooks continue to grow by double digits

The audiobook market increased by 45.7% in 2023 and by 52.81% in 2022.

This is a developing market, attracting an increasing number of readers and offering the greatest opportunities for growth.

7. Subscription is transformed for audio

Spotify launched limited consumption models in English-speaking markets, which have enabled new catalogues to enter the distribution channel. This will boost the market as they establish themselves in Spain, Mexico and Latin America.

8. Non-fiction, leader in audiobook turnover in Latin America

In Latin America, as well as in Mexico and the United States, more non-fiction audiobooks are listened to than fiction ones, the opposite to what happens in Spain.